Being Podiatric

Fellows! This body is a blessing of Lord and nothing can be compared to a healthy lifestyle and body. Like what they say always, “take care of the body, one has to live in it” problem is we just listen and read things normally and hardly apply them in our daily life. A very normal example is, how often we visit an aural clinic (strange to hear that, why we need aural treatment when we are not getting any symptom of pain or anything else in our ear?) it is not necessary to treat something in pain one should for on the maintenance of the body. Do not wait friends! For something bad to happen, maintain your body and your lifestyle don’t just wait for the complaint (keep doing small good to yourself).

Podiatric is a field of study in which feet related issues are addressed properly and in detail no matter what, but every aspect is almost covered in this study, the job of a podiatrist Brisbane is to treat chronic foot related problems and diseases so that one can remain healthy and stay on his/her feet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Treatment includes, diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical treatments of foot, ankle and lower leg issues. Moreover, we have seen some diabetic patients complaining about injuries not healing up quickly (as unfortunately the healing process of a diabetic is slow as compare to a person with normal blood sugar), a podiatrist takes care of a diabetic foot, arthritic foot and most athlete foot too.

Offering routine checkups to the patients, keep strict checks on the developing feet of children, diagnose the reasons behind foot and ankle pain and accordingly act to tackle it with some surgical corrections (if required) and usually other than surgical treatments are some common agendas of a podiatrist. In a podiatric room one may find some really state of the art equipment, foot workout mechanisms, all the instruments related to foot surgery and normal medication section.

In USA, Canada and some other countries as well the job of a podiatrist is highly paid and it is considered as a separate field of study like: heart surgeons. Folks! Come on admit it we all have been really hard on our feet walking almost 5000 steps everyday wearing tight formal shoes (with our feet covered with a cotton or nylon socks from inside) feet covered in sweat all the time and after a tiring day we just throw our shoes away when we reach home (ah! Sigh of release) but we rarely wash our feet after coming from work (don’t judge anybody that’s normal alright!). And then we question the health and disease free feet all the time? Is it justified friends no!

Atleast once in a week try to loosen up, there are some common remedies like feet odor spray, walking on the grass bare foot, use clean socks always, change your shoes after every 6 months (depend on the brand and wear and tear of the shoes) and honestly the feet will touch itself as a thanks!