What Services Do We Offer At Hopper Crossing Dentist?

Hopper crossing Dentist is a complete solution for the teeth diseases. We have almost treatment for all the issues regarding the teeth. We use high class technology in our clinic. As our first priority is to treat our clients as our friends. We deeply analyze their issues and then recommend and guide them as to how are we going to treat their issues. We do not directly go for surgery like other dentist usually do that they just take out the tooth without knowing the actual issue, but we first do a complete checkup and then we go for medication if we do not find a need of surgery. For us, surgery would be our last option.


Let’s have a look to which treatments do we offer at our clinic.

• Teeth Whitening:A smile doesn’t look charming if you have pale and yellow teeth. Some people naturally have pale teeth even if they care a lot about their teeth and brush twice a day. Still they feel like their teeth are yellow. Teeth whitening cream and teeth whitening procedure at Point Cook dental clinic can give you a new smile.

• Children Dentistry:Kids love to eat candies, sweets and chocolates. They do not religiously follow the rule of cleaning the teeth twice a day and hence it attracts the cavity and plag which causes pain and sometimes bleeding from gums. So, we have a separate portion for kids as well in our clinic.

• Preventative Dentistry:We have to go for a follow up of dental checkup after every 6 months. It is mandatory for all the human being because health is so much important than anything. Dentist can analyze the issue before it gets untreatable or need a surgery. Dentist can cure the disease with toothpaste and medications.

• Filling:We often suffer from the disease which is caused by the worm in the tooth. In common language we call it cavity. Worm eats up the tooth and make a hole in it which looks ugly when we smile. Dentist use white colour filling to fill the holes.

• Root Canal:Usually, the roots of the tooth get damaged if we eat a lot of sweets and deserts. A deficiency of Vit D and calcium also cause this issue, so we need to treat the grass root problem that is causing the pain and inflammation.

You can freely come to us without having a single thought regarding the quality treatment. We treat all the week long.