A Few Tips For Reducing Sea Sickness

Sea sickness, car sickness or motion sickness are all similar in nature and have more or less the same symptoms. A person suffering from these symptoms should know how to tackle them in order to avoid feeling sick or getting sick.

There is no sure shot remedy for this ailment which guarantees its cure. However, the symptoms can be reduced and avoided by following the few tips. These tips can help reduce the symptoms, but the effects vary from people to people. It might be helpful for some and for some it might not work at all. However, carrying vomit bags is really important as these will save you in case you start vomiting while travelling. These bags will not only help you get saved from nuisance like odours and spoiled linen, but will also prevent the germs from spreading.

Here is the list of a few tips which might prove beneficial for reducing sea sickness and its symptoms.

1. Visit the local shops which have barf bags for sale. Pick a few of them as you might need it during a journey. You can also search online these bags. There are a few reputed online stores that will help you get these bags at affordable prices.

2. You can avoid having a headache by not taking any caffeinated drink for about 24 hours before the journey or trip. High intake of caffeine causes headache which will definitely not be good for someone already suffering from sea sickness.

3. Do not stare at things in the horizon for long. Keep shifting your focus from far objects to near ones and alternate between them in order to avoid sea sickness.

4. Avoid eating heavy food or acidic food before you take the boat as eating light helps in such journeys. Eating ginger also helps reduce sea sickness. It is a very good remedy for such ailment.

5. Avoid having alcohol before a boat trip. Even if you are anxious and want to curb your nervousness before the trip, it is better not take alcohol or caffeine or any acidic drink before you actually settle on the boat.

6. You must sleep properly before you take such a journey as a good night sleep will help relax your body and mind and will help you feel better on such a trip.

7. Make sure you get enough fresh air when on board. Do not take in much heat or sun bathe as dehydration will hit you. Stay in shade and keep taking frequent sip of water. Eat light snacks instead of not taking anything.

8. Avoid the exhaust fumes and diesel fumes as long as you can and stop the engine when not needed if it is a smaller boat.

9. Avoid using binoculars and cameras for long in order to reduce the sickness.