Tips For Dealing With Relapsing When Quitting Smoking

Whether you were a hardcore smoker or just an occasional one, quitting an addiction is a hard job. You need to have the mental resolve to get through the random bursts of cravings and be ready to face the verge of relapsing and come back without giving into the temptation. Quitting smoking will be beneficial to you in every way possible and will actually help in keeping you alive longer. The sooner you quit, the larger the benefits are apparent. So when you are in the process, here are some ideas to keep you from getting to the point of wanting to get back into the smoking process.
Go for alternatives
If you find it extremely hard to give up smoking totally, then switch to alternatives. Go e cigarettes for sale and stick to occasionally using it and slowly reduce the number of times you actually do use the device.
The best way to limit the number of instances is by letting an ex-smoker a non-smoker friend hold onto the e cigarette atomizer so that you have it on your person only a limited amount of time.
Eat a lot of chewy food items
Eat chewy and crunchy fruits and veggies like apples, pears, carrots, cucumbers and such so that you mouth is occupied most of the time. A healthy snack can actually help get rid of your nicotine cravings and needs and will also boost your systems. This is especially good to do during work hours since you can cure the boredom as well.
Use a stimulus to revive your brain
Use something like a rubber band or something to physically stimulate and awaken your brain when you get cravings for nicotine. When you give your brain a figurative kick then you can assort your thoughts more properly and remember all the reasons you wanted to quit in the first place. Have your motto or driving thoughts for quitting smoking right where you can see it to constantly remind yourself.
Get distractions
Go out with non-smoker or ex-smoker friends, get a new habit or hobby or do something that you have never tried before. Distract your mind from your regular smoking habits and norms and incorporate new healthy habits into your lifestyle.
Eating healthy and staying healthy is one of the main reasons for the whole quitting process. So accelerate this progress by getting into a good dieting system and exercising regularly. Quitters who do regular and consistent exercise are known to end the quitting process far smoother than those who did not. The endorphins released when exercising helps a lot in fighting off cravings and stress.