Types Of Chronic Illness Treatment

Our modern generation is familiar with many mysterious killer diseases; cancer is one of them. This enigmatic disease has been a riddle to our doctors for many years and until now its main cause is unknown. Many people now believe the industrial revolution back in the 17th century that led to enormous pollution caused all this chronic diseases including cancer that haunt us today. In addition, practices like smoking, not exercising, exposure to radiations, dietary practices etc. have been medically proved to increase the risk of contracting cancer. Cancer and other chronic diseases like sclerosis have no known absolute cure but medics have come up with different ways that can alleviate symptoms with minimal cure in some cases. Chronic illness treatment involves administering to patients necessary therapies and keeping them up beat for the task. 

Over 200 different kinds of cancer affect humans currently; contributing almost 13% of the world’s total annual deaths. With that said, it has been an unending task to try and control this disease. As a way of keeping cancer at bay, people have been encouraged not to smoke, eat vegetables and fruits, eat less meat, avoid refined carbohydrates, exercising and keeping a healthy weight. Cancer can be managed by radiation therapy, chemotherapy or even surgery. Chemotherapy involves using anticancer drugs to kill the cancerous cells; this method can affect normal cells with lethal results. The side effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy can be fatal: this has inevitably led to many people resorting to natural cancer treatment.

In contrast to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, natural cancer treatment is believed to have none or fewer side effects on the patient. These remedies are used to prolong life and palliate the irksome cancer symptoms; but medics and health agencies have raised an alarm that some of these methods are ineffective. Massage, yoga, exercise, the best Mudgeeraba chiropractor and meditation are believed to suppress depression and anxiety in cancer patients. Since the mediaeval days, aromatherapy has been known to have health benefits; cancer patients today smell fragrant substances like essential oils as a practice to manage cancer. Some plant extracts are used to reduce pain and inflammation. With many people today offering alternative cancer therapies to the desperate cancer patients, these patients are warned of fake therapies that will have no effectiveness in managing cancer. 

In the same league of malignant diseases is sclerosis. This is a condition that affects the central nervous system and causes damage to some brain cells and the spinal cord. This disease is not only fatal, has no cure! Currently, many victims of this disease have submitted to using natural remedies for multiple sclerosis; many of which are herbs. Agrimony has been traditionally used to cure a range of health problems; in the case of sclerosis, it is used as an anti-inflammatory. Another plant whose extracts from the berries and roots is used as a diminution to pain, inflammation and stress. Other plant extracts that even prevent deterioration of the central nervous system also exist.

Apart from the pharmaceutical and natural herbs that can be used to treat these chronic diseases; it has been a practice of many societies to come together and form different groups like a cancer support community aimed at helping patients and victims of these chronic diseases. Patients are given financial and emotional support that will help them live a normal life. Cancer is an epidemic that has hit the whole world and now in most developing countries, the cases are alarming. Governments should heavily invest in research of these chronic diseases and many others as a means of saving our precious generation. To finalize, prevention is better than cure. As an individual, avoid indulging in any practice that will put you at risk of contracting cancer or any other disease.