Why Sleep Is Important?

With the daily lives of people getting busier and busier, a lot of them fail to get a proper amount of sleep each day. In fact, studies have shown that more than half of all working class people and college going students do not get the necessary hours of sleep and as such, that they are suffering from sleep deprivation. The availability of artificial lighting has pretty much negated the darkness that night time brings and this has consequently made our days longer and increased the number of hours that we stay awake during the day. This also means that we dedicate much less time for our sleep nowadays.

The reason why knowing about what benefits a good night’s sleep can bring about is simple: it’s not a hard thing to do even though it provides a lot of health benefits. One of the benefits you may have heard about is the ability to improve our day performance and sharpen our attention. This one should be obvious, since sleeping is a method by which our body acquires much required rest. A human body is like a machine in some aspects: it needs some time to cool down and regain energy once in a while. A machine will malfunction if it is overworked and will not perform at the optimal productivity rate. Likewise, our human body will feel tired and won’t be able to work if enough rest is not provided. Tiredness linked to inadequate sleep causes a lot of work related accidents every day.

Sleeping well leads to a healthy mind as well. Studies have shown that children who get the required number of sleep hours every day are more likely to score higher grades than children who suffer from sleeplessness you can visit at insomnia in Brisbane. One reason for this is that sleeping well is a good way to boost our memorizing capabilities. While we sleep, our brain manages to strengthen our memories and skills we learn while awake. This is also one reason why a lot of athletes and sportsmen never skip sleeping. Not only does it help strengthen their body, but it also increases their mental focus.

Nevertheless, getting enough sleep can be a real challenge for some people. While some do fall asleep within minutes of reaching their beds, others might not do so for a couple of hours. What people like them could try first is to change their sleeping habits, such as having a regular sleep pattern, avoid the intake of alcohol, avoiding caffeine or to change their surroundings a little. Little solutions like these can help some of the more fortunate people. Sadly, some others may suffer from more severe sleep-problems. In that case, consulting a expert will be necessary. For example, he will suggest a CPAP machine for people suffering from sleep apnoea.

Having come to know about why sleep is so important, one big question might arise in your mind: exactly how many hours do you need to dedicate each day for sleeping? The answer is that it varies from individual to individual and that age also plays a factor. In general, however, seven to eight hours should suffice adults, while children and teenagers should aim for nine to ten at least. Elderly people tend to do better by taking a quick nap in the afternoon and reducing the sleep hours during the night.